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    Keep It LOCAL!

    When you raise money with Coyotes:

    • Entire communities benefit too
    • Your GROUP raises valuable funds
    • PEOPLE save a fortune & play more often
    • MERCHANTS gain new customers, provide jobs & taxes
    • Tax REVENUE supports our Schools & Community

    This Year’s FULL COLOR Coyote Offers:

    Everyone Wins!

    The Coyote Coupon Book was designed as a fundraiser for groups of every size. We will create the perfect program just for you!



    How Much Can We Make?

    Coyote Fundraisers are based on a generous Slide Profit Scale.  You’ll make a 50% profit just by selling 50 books or more.  Youth groups can earn even more! Compare that will any other fundraising product available today!

    Who Can Sell It?

    Any non-profit group in the Apache Junction/East Mesa/Gold Canyon area may participate. This includes Schools, Mobile Home/RV Parks/Retirement Communities, Youth, Senior, Church, Veteran, and Community Groups.

    How Do We Get Started?

    Contact Us, and we can have books to you as early as the next day!  We deliver your books FREE, at your convenience.  We offer short term and long term programs.  Start with as little as 25-50 books and order more as you go!  You can always give back any books you don’t sell, so you are never stuck with inventory.

    Any More Questions?

    Give us a call or e-mail today!  We’ll answer all your questions and send you a FREE Fundraising Packet.